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Producer / DJ

Phillip Surrett, better known by his stage name Phillosopher, is a Progressive House & Melodic Techno producer and DJ who has captivated audiences with his unique blend of ethereal melodies and driving rhythms. With a career spanning over a decade, Phillosopher has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene through his captivating stage performances and notable accomplishments. Hailing from the Southeastern United States, Phillosopher has shared the stage with renowned national acts, including Paul Van Dyk, Tommie Sunshine, Kirby Bright, and Domii.


These experiences have allowed him to fine-tune his craft and develop a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends various elements of techno, progressive house, and psyhouse. Phillosopher's talent and dedication to his craft have been showcased through his official releases on Southern Exposure Music, Underground Progressive Records, and Mindwarp Records. His Latest Remix of S.A.C - Conscioussness charted #66 on the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House Charts for over a week! The tracks "Protoklingen" and "Innocenti," released in 2022, garnered attention for their hypnotic melodies and intricate production. Additionally, his remix of "Mint" by Purpleskye received praise for its innovative reinterpretation. Beyond the studio, Phillosopher's live performances have graced local and regional venues, leaving audiences in awe.


From District in Atlanta, to Charleston Pour House, to The Garage in Asheville, to Rebel (Formerly SERJ) in Charlotte, he has brought his electrifying energy to stages far and wide. After establishing himself in the Southeastern music scene, Phillosopher ventured to the Northeast, where he immersed himself in the vibrant New England Electronica underground scene. Notable performances at venues like the Middle East in Boston, MA, The Mill in Southbridge, MA, The Cannery Music Hall in Southbridge, MA, and Wonderbar with Music Ecology in Cambridge, MA, solidified his reputation as a talented and versatile artist.

In 2012, Phillosopher embarked on a new artistic journey by incorporating live drumming and percussion into his live performances. This innovative approach added a dynamic element to his music, capturing the attention of audiences and further expanding his creative horizons.

In 2016, Phillosopher returned to his roots in South Carolina, where he decided to focus on mastering the art of producing and DJing progressive house, melodic techno, and psyhouse. Alongside his music endeavors, Phillosopher is also committed to making a positive impact. He hosted a charity live stream on his YouTube channel, raising relief funds for children in Ukraine through UNICEF.

Phillosopher's rise in the music industry has not gone unnoticed, as his tracks have gained praise and recognition from esteemed platforms such as BLOOP Radio London, Frequency Underground Radio, Space Camp Music Group Podcast, Melodics Podcast, Synth Etiquette Radio, The Festival Voice, EDMtilt, and The Nocturnal Times. These features have further solidified his status as a talented producer with a distinct sonic identity.


When not immersed in the studio or performing, Phillosopher dedicates time to his YouTube channel, where he hosts a weekly series called "Mindwarp." In this series, he showcases new artists, tracks, and new releases, while also providing a platform for regional acts to share their talents. This commitment to nurturing and supporting the electronic music community demonstrates his passion for elevating the industry as a whole.

Currently based in Charlotte, NC, Phillosopher continues to expand his reach, performing at various festivals and events, including Set You Free Music Festival, Breakaway Music Festival, Club Solaris, Sonic Therapy: Family Campout Music Festival, and Soniq Oasis II Music Festival & Campout. He is also affiliated with renowned labels such as Underground Progressive Records, Southern Exposure Music, Synthetiq Frequencies, and Mindwarp Records, further cementing his position in the global electronic music landscape.

With an unwavering dedication to his craft, a knack for blending intricate melodies with pulsating rhythms, and a genuine connection to his audience, Phillosopher's artistic journey is one of constant evolution and innovation. As he continues to push boundaries and captivate listeners, the future holds endless possibilities for this melodic techno virtuoso.

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